A quick Investor's sign up guide

A quick Investor's sign up guide

What is LendingStar marketplace finance?

LendingStar is an online platform where small businesses or SMEs can trade their invoices or other account receivables instantly.

Upload your invoices if you are a business owner requiring short-term financing, or make invoice investments if you are an investor looking for risk-adjusted returns.

1. Open Your Investor Account.

If you want to sell your invoices, register as a Business, and if you want to purchase invoices at a discount, register as an Investor.


2.  Search Projects / Invoices.

Use the SEARCH PROJECTS button to go to the Projects listing page and see if there is a Project you would like to participate in Purchasing. You can purchase any or all part of the invoice / project.



3. Add funds to your Investment Account.

Use "Add Funds" at your Dashboard or go to the "My Investment Account" option from the menu and click "Add Funds". Set the amount you would like to transfer and Download Bill. LendingStar uses a Trust Account to manage all investors' funds. The Trust Account is managed by a licensed Trustee Company. You can choose to withdraw funds from your investment account at any time. 

TopUp Your Investment Account

4. Make Your Bid.

When Your Investment Account has been topped up, you can invest in any project you like. To start investing, just open the Project details and make a bid in the Bid Amount field. You can invest any amount starting from $1. You can also offset the Annualised Reference Bid rate and offer your own Rate that might be higher or lower than the Reference Bid rate. To finally make an offer, click on the "Make a Bid" button to send your bid to a Business, or Invoice seller, for review. 

Use Invest Cart to make investment even easier.

To make your Invoice financing experience even easier, we've created the Invest Cart. This feature works just like an online store's tool where you can easily add items to your cart. Of course in this case, it lets you add Projects to your cart to invest in. In addition, it also shows your expected returns and total investment amount.  

Invest Cart Screen

Happy to help!

Thanks for reading. This is a short guideline primarily for LendingStar's investors. If you would like to instead read the guidelines for businesses, please visit our Help Center. Optionally, you could also send your request to support@lendingstar.com and ask us anything.


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