Guide for Business: New Project Creation

Guide for Business: New Project Creation

Once you complete your registration and ID verification, you can now create a new project with a few simple step as below:


LSM Project creation 1

To start your new project, go to your dashboard and click ” Create Project”.


LSM Project creation 2


Click “Invoice to Cash” and fill in your invoice details: invoice amount, invoice date and project title, ie: “TM November Ads buy – Phase 1”.


LSM Project creation 3

choose the invoice that you wish to finance and click “Upload Invoice for Funding” to upload.


LSM Project creation 4


Tick to agree with ETRA and confirm invoice information. Click “Send for Verification” to submit your project for underwriter approval.

Happy to help!

Thanks for reading. This is short guideline for LendingStar marketplace investors. We will continue to tell you about our services. If you have any questions please send your request to or visit our Help Center.

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